Deliverance Ministers

All the minsters listed below have been trained in deliverance ministry and have a heart to see the captive set free.   

Anita is a prophetic voice, intercessor, artist, and a licensed mental health counselor. Her desire is to see every person walk in freedom fulfilling their unique destiny and bring transformation within their sphere of influence. 1 Cor 14:3
She operates in prophetic deliverance bringing liberty from demonic oppression through the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. She has worked with children in the foster care system for over 20 years. Through the years a deeper revelation of God’s love His children and walking in kingdom authority has been imparted to her. She has personally experienced the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and her life is a testimony of perseverance and standing on His prophetic promises. Anita has a mandate to set the captives free and train others to minister deliverance also. She has founded A New Day Network to train and make available a network of deliverance ministers. Anita lives with her husband Emery in Anthony, FL. She ministers in her community and with Donna Rigney at Church on the Rock in Bunnell, FL.


Heather is a servant of the Lord first and foremost. She is an intercessor, author, and a trained and experienced Deliverance Minister. Heather is living proof of God’s supernatural healing and deliverance and has a deep desire to see the captives set free with a strong sense of compassion for those who are broken and in bondage. She has a passion to help others be transformed by the renewing of their mind according to Romans 12:2, and is devoted to equip, encourage, and empower others to live a life of freedom and walk out their purpose as a new creation in Christ.
Heather and her husband Luis take residence in Florida and are dedicated to serving the Lord and sharing the Love of Christ with others.

Heather Martinez

Barry & Dennette are the founders of The Nourish Group, a kingdom-focused business & ministry, based out of Palm Coast, FL. Barry is a pastor, speaker, and author of Stronger, Victorious, and A Life of Victory. Barry has been a Pastor at churches in Orlando, FL, and Dallas TX, and has taught numerous classes on the power of the Holy Spirit and walking in freedom. As a former CrossFit gym owner and coach, Barry's passion is to help people grow in strength both physically and spiritually. His desire is to help strengthen the body of Christ through his books, preaching, and teaching. In his spare time, you will most likely find Barry on the pickleball courts.

Dennette is also a speaker and a nutritional counselor. Dennette's holistic approach to peoples’ mind, body, and soul has allowed her to minister to women and couples over the past 20 years. She is an entrepreneur and has a passion to nourish orphans and medically fragile children around the world. Together, they have been involved in the deliverance ministry for over a decade. They have raised three adult daughters who are all married and have a son who is an NCAA collegiate athlete in his junior year of college. Barry & Dennette are enjoying their empty nest life with their rescue dog Max, and are currently on the "waiting for grandchildren" list.

Barry & Dennette Tallis

I have seen with my own eyes what it is to be bound by the enemy. My heart breaks to see others suffer in darkness when there is light in Jesus. I believe God has been preparing me for such a time as this. God has called His people to go and set the captives free! And he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction. Matthew 10:1 I believe that by the Blood the power and the name of Jesus, you can be set free! He sent out his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction. Psalm 107:20

Denise Lugo

Shalom, my name is Mrs. Jennifer Clancey. I love Jesus Christ with all my Heart, Mind and Soul. I consider it an honor to be in this position of trust to Minister deliverance to Gods people. I acknowledge the trust bestowed upon me when some one meets with me for a deliverance session and I deeply value your confidentiality.

I grew up in a secular home and did not come to faith till I was in college. I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence in speaking in tongues at a conference with Perry Stone in 2017.

I have helped with ministries working in the Strip Clubs, a pregnancy pro-life center, several church's children's centers and nursery.

I have been an active member of "His Heart Ministries International" with Prophet Donna Rigney's prayer meetings since spring of 2019. I have trained with "The Rock House of Prayer" to administer prayer for healing, in Bunnel FL. I have studied and attended several conferences under "Christian Healing Ministries" in Jacksonville FL and "Shake the Nations" headed by Nathan Morris.

I have great hopes to see a multitude of Miracles through "A New Day Network" as I have experienced in the other ministries. I look forward to the Holy Spirit moving mightily to bring His people Great freedom!

With love sincerely

Mrs. Jennifer Clancey

Jennifer Clancey