One of the questions I am often asked- do you think a I need counseling or deliverance or both? So, this is a question that many in my profession have a hard time answering. Honestly the truth is that in most cases both are needed. They work hand in hand and are both powerful if correctly delivered. You can’t counsel a demon but, you can cast it out. On the other hand, a person that has depression, anxiety and are dealing with the aftermath of trauma can benefit from counseling.
The body of Christ is filled with hurting people who need more help to fulfill the destiny that God has for them. The ministry of deliverance is when a bondage or oppression is removed by the supernatural power of the Spirit of God. We see Jesus doing this in the New Testament. Deliverance stops the demonic plans of the enemy in the lives of Gods people. The role of Christian counseling is to help people walk out their deliverance, identify erroneous thought patterns (demonic strongholds) and private cognitive processes (thoughts). Christian counseling reinforces the power of prayer and the power the of Word of God. Deliverance and Christian counseling coupled together are a catalyst to help a person maintain their deliverance. Deliverance is the beginning of a daily process, and some may need to have help from a counselor to identify and change patterns that strongholds have developed in their thinking patterns, thus, also in some of their actions.

Do I need Counseling or Deliverance?