Training Groups

This part of the website will offer training groups in a variety of subjects.  Deliverance training will be done by an invite.  Please send an email or use the contact form to request the training.  

Has God called you to be a writer? Do you have a book in you longing to be birthed, but it’s on a bunch of scattered notes and journals all over your house or in random computer files?

If so, you’re not alone. My name is Shari McGriff and I am an author, professor, and a certified book coach, and I help new and struggling Christian writers find their voice and their story point before they write 300 words that don't go anywhere.

Take my friend, Annyce, for instance. Two years ago, she had a book idea but it was in random files and journals and she didn’t know what to do, until she took the Ezekiel 37 Challenge Workshop. Fast-forward, one year, she went from scattered to a well-structured first draft. Two years later, she’s published! And this can happen for you, too. It’s time to write the book God has called you to write. Someone you are supposed to impact is waiting for your book!

If God has been telling you to write your book this year, join me for a six-week workshop from August 1 to September 8th. See the flyer for more details, and click the link to sign-up. Seats are limited, since I will do a coaching call with each writer.